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Thursday, October 29

*feels hated*

i'm sad, as you can see.
i think my boyfriend's parents hate me...
i never really thought they liked me anyway,
but yeah...
i was ecstatic that i finally got to see Nick today,
i hadnt seen him in what seemed like years.
seeing his face was a sigh of relief.
his dad kept calling him from inside, we were in the garage
i'm pretty sure he wanted me to leave.
he could have just told me himself...
we hung out a while longer mostly talking about music
we were sitting on the driveway then his mom pulled up
his dad said she was driving me home...
yea, definately wasnt wanted there.
just like most everywhere else i go.
i  got in the car, she asked if i got in because she didnt hear me
well im not a loud person anyway,
but if you dont want me there,
 why would i expect you to want to hear my voice? ...
therefore, my silence is born.
Nick reached over and held my hand, it calmed me down a little
but i couldnt help but keep thinking
"why do they hate me?"
i felt myself starting to cry so i tried to hold back the tears till i got home
one started to crawl from my eye
it was dark so i dont think he saw it
i didnt wanna wipe it away because i didnt want him to ask me what was wrong and i didnt want to talk in front of his mom...
i got out of the car after him and he walked me to my front door like he always does and gave me a hug
my eye started burning so i wiped my eye
he noticed and asked me what was wrong
"...they hate me"
i almost started crying and he said they didnt but i just hurried into the house so he wouldnt see me...
i dont want them to hate me
i dont want anyone to hate me
it makes me sad

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