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Monday, October 26

Tonight~ !

tonight i'm gonna see this amazing band called Type O Negative! I'v been addicted to them since i heard thier conver of  "Cinnamon Girl" a bout a year or so ago...i finally got an amazing chance and i'm gonna see them tonight!! AAAAAH!!

this is a picture of them i edited, i found it on google and played with it cuz i was really bored (as you can tell)
i'm hopefully leaving at 6:30 (about an hour from now) and the show starts at 8 so i can get a good spot! i cleaned out my camera so i can take pictures and i'm going all alone :( i hope to make some new friends! i usually do when i go to concerts anyway but i can still hope for the best! i cant wait till i get there!

1 comment:

Mina said...

Hope you have fun! Love your outfit, never heard of the band, but I'll check them out now! = ]

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