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Sunday, October 25


as a gift to you from me, i provide you with this picture :)

my boyfriend said on the phone to me earlier
"i looked at that picture like 3 times, what a cool guy"
i luv him

this is for all of my you who read my blog, thank you!!
if you like my blog, you should read some of the blogs i like:
my best friend Chloe's blog:
one of the nicest people on the internet, Mina's blog:
the cutest bunny lover EVER, Rabbito's blog:
Rabbito's blog with her best friend Rineko:
my favorite foodie, Florentina's blog:
a lovely lady with alot of talent, Sweetmango's blog:

but to my stalkers and haters
all i have to say is...

SHUT UP!i got too much in my life to be worrying about your baka selves
so either stop hating or go away...pretty please?

seriously, thanks everyone who reads this! you guys make me feel special!

Shout outs to Mina, she comments like all my posts!
Shout outs to Sweetmango, she's always got something nice to say!
Shout outs to Rabbito, just for being adorable!
Shout outs to Chloe, for being my best friend!
Shout outs to Nicko, for being my loving boyfriend!
Shout outs to Florentina, for making me wanna cook better!
Shout outs to Manny Huerta, for being my buddy and for the signed CD!

domo arigato, everybody!
thank you so much!


Anonymous said...

You are such a sweet chica, you are very talented. By the way you should catch with your school work, i know it sucks, trust me i really do, BUT, complete it with good grades and get yourself into an arts degree, photography or graphic design. You should choose the thing that you LOVE to do, that you LOSE YOURSELF in and then grab it with both hands and dont let go, follow it, pursue it, immerse yourself in it. When school sucks just think about what YOU REALLY WANT TO DO, and tell yourself it is just a bridge to getting to where you should be, to the thing that makes your heart sing.
happy 200th post! <3

Mina said...

Omg!!! I feel so special now! Thanks so much!!! But wow, your 200th post! That's a lot! I'm going to start following some of these other blogs too! (I already follow Rabbito, she's awesome! ^_^)

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