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Thursday, November 12

"biggest f@!%#ing wow moment ever"

i really do think we have somethings special,
no one has what we have
and what we have is eachother!
i love him uncondittionally
he said "i love you asberry i truly do"
i told him this...
 i love you the same nick, there is no truer love than ours and no love stronger than ours, i love you unconditionally and always will. i would cross my heart but i cant because it's in your hands <3

he said "thts so sweet babygirl..i dont even know what to say.. i cant describe my love for you"

i cant describe my love for you either, that only was an attempt..there are no words i can use that would completely describe my love for you because i've got so much of it...
thats why i never know what to say, i always want to tell you how much i love you but i can never find the words to say
all i know is that i love you more than anything in the entire world, in the entire universe, if i could give you heaven and beyond i would. if i could give you anything you wanted, i would. i stay home most of the time just in case you might want to hang out i want to be free for you, i love you so much sometimes i just sit there in silence day dreaming about you and all of our memories, they're all so vivid to me like they happen over and over again in my head
i just think about you all the time, sometimes i'll see something and it will remind me of you and i'll think about it for hours, when i see stars in the sky i think about you and how you light up my world, the stars remind me of the glimmer in your eyes
sometimes i look at the moon and remember that night i snuck out and i was scared and you held my hand the whole time, i look at the sun and i remember our summer together and how amazing it was, when i drink coffee all i can think about is that first time we hung out and thats why i drink it so much...it makes me think of you
when im on the bus and i pass olympian club i remember "hey, his house is right over there" and then remember all the times we hung out there and the day we took all those pictures, graeters ice cream and burger king remind me of you because of that day you took me out. every love song that plays makes me think of you especially wicked game, its like our unnoficial song lol
every time i breathe and every heart beat reminds me that you're here and i stay alive just because i know i'll see your face again...dammit...im crying..

 i m going to have to finish this later...and don't worry people these are tears of joy :)


Anonymous said...

aint love the best!!
You deserve nothing but love in your life asberry <3
so very happy for you both

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