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Sunday, November 15

i stole his shirt :)

me: i look cute in ur shirt :P
Nicko: aw baby yes u do!
this weekend has been fun :)
yesterday, i went to Nick's house, then we watched like half of Space Jam then went to Applebee's and then to Chris' house for a party.
every time i always get to meet his friends and they're always nice to me, which i love. they talk to me and joke with me like they know me already and it makes me feel really comfortable, i usually feel awkward around people. there was alot of people there.
one of my favorite parts:
for a while, me and nick were laying on the trampoline in chris' back yard. most people were sitting by the big fire. we were holding eachother and staring at the stars. we pointed out a few constellations and then we stared into eachother's eyes and he smiled at me and laughed a little.
he said "you know what's cool?"
i asked what. he said
"that in 20 years i'll be doing the same thing and i'll be able to look back on times like this"
i didn't know what to say, its one of those things girls only dream of a guy saying to them, you know? i said "thats so sweet" and gave him a kiss. i'm gonna remember that ♥
when we were leaving for applebee's Nick's mom made him put on a shirt over his other shirt and he didnt like it (we agreed he looked better without it lol) he had it around his neck for a while then finally just took it off. by the time we were at the party, it was completely off and we took turns holding it. then i got cold...he kept telling me to put it on but i kept getting scared to. but by the time we were leaving i was wearing it, haha. when he dropped me off at my grandma's i asked him if he wanted it back but he said i could borrow it for a couple different reasons :) such as, "we're together and you live down the street and i have the rest of my life to get it back." haha i love him (^_^)

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Mina said...

Aw, that is so sweet! Reminds me of my old boyfriend when I used to steal his shirts. I hope you guys stay together!

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