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Wednesday, November 11

i LOVE my boyfriend :)

this was us, June 30th, the day he came over and asked me out
i cant believe how young we look...it was only this summer!
2 days later i left to new york, we spoke every day.

this was a few weeks later, on his last day of summer.
we look older, but i think its because our relationship grew
and with it, we grew as well

this was us near the beginning of the school year at a football game
of course, i ironically was wearing the color of the opposing team
...i just like purple lol
the game was so fun!

then that was us last month before homecoming
i love him more and more everyday
he floods my thoughts
all of the things he says to me and all of our conversations
all the times he compliments me, and says random things
i love his eyes and the ways he looks at me
i love how we like the same things
and that he doesnt mind bringing me around his friends
i love that he will hug me and hold my hand in public
i love his shoulders and his nose :)
i love when he kisses my forehead
i love how he was an amazing friend to me before we started dating
i love how we talk everyday <3
he tried really hard to get me, and his effort paid off
we've been together for almost half a year :)
here's some of our conversation yesterday:
me: so what are u up to?
Nicko: Layin on my bed thinkin bout how lucky i am to hav such a beautiful gf like you
me: Aw well just remember its not only luck, u actually put in a good effort to get me and you were an amazing best friend and everything you did to help mee made me fall more and more in love with you so you helped your luck :)
Nicko: Awwww. =) im so glad i kept trying after u said u didnt want a boyfriend.and of corse cuz i wantd to be a great friend to you cuz i had strong feelings toward u and still do but only now there much much much stronger
me: To tell you the truth...this is probably kinda wierd...but i knew i loved you after the first time we hung out,while we were sitting behind sears and you were standing and i was sitting, i looked in your eyes for the first time and i just knew, it just felt right to me
Nicko: To me it did to baby...i love you so much i really really do
we agreed that it was a like love at first site...and its so odd how we met and all this happened
and it all happened so fast...

here's other posts about us if you wanna see:

Nick if you're reading this,


Teenage Years. said...

omg so cutee! I'm slightly jealous (:

Mina said...

I absolutely love that third picture of you guys. So cute! I'm happy for you, not a lot of people can find a love like this!

Mina said...

I absolutely love that third picture of you guys. So cute! I'm happy for you, not a lot of people can find a love like this!

Berry Quiñones said...

i know <3 i finally learned that you don't really have to FIND love you just have to wait for IT to find YOU :)

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