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Saturday, November 28

its 2:13 am ...why the crap am i awake?

oh yeah, its cuz im not tired couldnt sleep if i tried anyway.
stupid insomnia...that makes me wanna listen to Megadeth!
speaking of Megadeth, they're in the Big Four...
Anthrax is too, and im perfecting the riff to Got The Time on bass!
What if there was a Big Four Tour?
Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer...
all in one concert.....
if it wouldn't cost as much as i know it will, i'd totally go
too bad it doesnt exist :(

and because it doesnt exist,
i wish i was the Big Four Tour...

i didn't mean to hurt your feelings...at all..
sometimes i notice really little things...like small lights.. and sometimes i think my thoughts fool me, but sometimes they don't. and when they don't, i dont expect it... i'll use this event to teach myself a lesson
"Sometimes, your conscience is actually right."
but either way, i shouldnt have gotten upset over what happened today..
i vented through song and burned them to try and release and it worked...kinda,
im gonna tell myself the same thing over and over until i believe it
if it can work with letters and numbers, it can work with anything...
wait..im bad with numbers :/


besides that event up there,
today was really good
my mom went hopping for Black Friday and got me a new coat
and brought home some alligator and ice cream ↓

alligator seriously tastes almost exactly like chicken.

earlier in the morning (friday morning)
the song "Crash" by 12 Stones has been stuck in my head since like Wednesday
so i re-edited this picture...AGAIN..

after i ate and showed my mom all the stuff i cleaned while she was gone,
i walked down to meet Nick and we hung out for a while
we watched "Kung Pow" which the while time i was starin at the TV like
(0_o) ... wtf?!
then we went to eat with his parents and found out another thing we had in common
the mexican restaurant we went to used to be a chinese place
and we both hadn't been there since it changed over
and we both liked the chicken on a stick thing
and at thanksgiving, we both only eat stuffing...
crazy, ya?

1 comment:

Mina said...

I LOVE Metallica!!! Sandman is my favorite song from them. Aw, another day with your boyfriend, I swear you guys are like the greatest couple I've ever seen! ^_^

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