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Wednesday, November 25

Thanksgiving Break has started!!

[heehee i took a picture of Nicko]

(↑↑took that at grandma's↑↑)
so nicko came over this morning and stayed all day
we played Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3
played guitar and bass together
i sang him the song i wrote
(it took a lot of courage lol)
i made dumplings for us and we chased eachother around the house.

i really like how wacky we are.
you dont even know XD
we make jokes alot and we pick eachother's nose
he's always trying to get me to fart
and when he burps i call it "beautiful"
we always have fun together!
LOLz here's a picture of our amazing wierdness ↓↓

we are magnificently retardedly in love :)
i love it! and....

i made a pixel of us cute, eh!!?
then my mom told us to go to mygrandma's and my sister was there
this is my sister, Tehya
she's playing her Nintendo DS
i think she was trying to show me her Shiny Roselia on Pokemon Diamond when i took this of her, hahaha

(my sister in her natural state)
((she uses action replay...CHEATER!! haha))

i made a pixel of her too!!
nicko aproved it for me :)

while we were at my grandma's he said he was gonna try to find someone else to hang out with after his mom picked him up
but after his mom picked up he said 
"actually im not gonna hang with anyone"
i asked why and he said
"Cuz ive already had a great day, i dont need to see anyone else"

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