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Monday, November 23

Last Night...

ok, so the Deus Mortum show was awesome :)
i'm their official photographer so here's some pics :D
AJ (the bassist) said next time i can use his moms camera so i can get better pictures
cool, huh?
(click on any photo to enlarge it)
well this is the band ↓

ok, this is AJ Rothert, the bassist. i met him my freshman year in English class and we were like instant friends cuz we both skated and we both played instruments and liked the same music. he's a pretty cool guy and he's a beast on the bass!

↑i like the way i edited that↑

this is the lead singer, Jake Conley. it was his first show and he was nervous!! as you can see from the picture above, he was reading lyrics off the paper, lol. he did good for a first time! next time he'll be amazing im sure :)

this is Talon Gregory, he's an amazing guitarist and an amazing friend :)

and last but definately not least, Sean Hensley, the monster on drums!
now the deal of how i took these next pictures: sean got me on stage! he really kept on telling me to come up there and then i got up and took some and they turned out great! they're my favorites!

after they played we watched another band for a little then sat outside. then packed up, and i got a ride from AJ....who i was scared to ride with! haha! he was headbanging while driving and it was fun! we sang along to random songs and stuff. we went to Talons house and his mom made me pb&j and it was pretty good, haha.
afterwards, we went to AJ's to watch the show on DVD. that was the first time i ever went to his house so i was scared haha same with Talon's house. but it was cool.
First we took Jake home and epically sang to Chop Suey by System of a Down, and it was so fun, lol.
Then, AJ drove me home and me, him, sean and talon hung out at my house for a little, AJ peed on my tree and sean farted, then aj said "i'm SOOO glad you didn't do that in my car!" hahaha omg it smelled so funny.
after a little i gave everyone hugs and went inside to cry lol
wont explain why, its not important and im over it :)

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Mina said...

Official photographer?! That is so awesome! Congrats! And your pictures came our freakin' great too! Glad you had such a good time!

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