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Sunday, December 20

bubble gum :)

"oo, bubble gum! i love you boys, i wanna be your bubble gum!"
Smile.DK lyrics from Candy Girl xD

but sorry boys, im taken!

i only love one boy, and i will love him forever ♥
nothing will ever change that.
i'm so in love :)

speaking of love,
my love brought over a Christmas present for me

he made it all from scratch!!
brittle, chocolate covered pretzels & cherries,
macademia nut, oatmeal & chocolate chip cookies!

when he brought it over he had the brightest smile on his face <3
it made me happy :)
my mom and sister came out too
and gave him hugs ^_^
he loved it!
and that was the first time he saw my haircut in person
(cuz i got it cut yesterday after i left his house)
and he said i look amazing <3
*feels special*

my resource site is now up!
please visit HAIJYNX  :)


Mina said...

Love those pictures, as always! So sweet of Nick!

Rose said...

oh my! your boyfriend's so sweet! you might get a toothache! lol! kudos to your lovely lovelife! \oh btw, thanks for the nice comment on my blog.. :)

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