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Tuesday, December 22

MICROWAVE PIZZA PARTY!! and giving to a good cause :)

so today, i was feeling giving
since Nick changed his mind about hanging out
i had to find something to do.

i had $6 and i was like hmm...
i went to my sister and asked her if she was hungry
so i said "Lets go to Kroger" but she didnt really want to
so then i said Burger King, but it was a farther walk
then we settled for White Castle but went to the Kroger first
(kroger is the grocery store around where i live for those who dont know)
we looked around for more change and came up with $9.40

we got in the store and went straight for the cereal
we got reese's puffs and cinnamon toast crunch XD
then got 2 pizzas, pringles chips and rootbeer
we decided to get that stuff and not go to white castle

the total came up to $8.70
i was about to go out the door but i saw someone from Samaritan's Purse
which is a charity organization
they always have someone ringing a bell around christmas
i gave the rest of my change to them :)
it made me feel good inside

on the way home...

i got really hyper really fast lol
we had our own little microwaved pizza party!


↑ wow i'm a creeper XD



being silly, i loved the pringles XD

then tehya had the camera....

↑"i getz no prah-veh-see?"

NOM NOM NOM .......ugly XD ↑

we were pringle ducks!!

"are my eyes always like that? ...i look drunk all the time?!" -Tehya ↑

not good looking face XD


oh yeah, i finally got my gameinformer :)
my favorite magazine!

i found out they remade pokemon gold !!
"...and silver!" (Tehya Added)
"silver's better because it has a picture of Lugia on it."
and the version in japan comes with PokeWalker!
its like a pedometer, and you walk with your pokemon to train it!
"it can pick up items, battle & capture other pokemon
...and it looks like a pokeball." -Tehya
she's sitting right next to me ^o^
it reminds me of a tomogachi XD
i hope they keep it for the US version!
i want it so bad!

1 comment:

Mina said...

I used to live in Kroger's! But wow, you guys Kroger is muuch cheaper than the ones down here if you could have gotten all of that. You and your sister look SO adorable! POKEMON!

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