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Friday, December 25

guess what i got for Christmas!!

a mini laptop!
my dad sent it to me in the mail ^_^
i opened it at midnight

(screenshot of my desktop!)

and its got a built in webcam!!
i took pictures with it ^_^ ↓ ↓

hahaha messy hair XD
and the webcam comes with a mic!
and both work!
im gonna buy a usb mouse for it so i can pixel better on here ^_^
 and wireless internet = love :D

well for the most part my holiday has been good
...besides a little mishap today at dinner =.=
my mami said something mean and made me cry..
but everything is fine now
cuz nick cheered me up ^_^

i love him so much
cant wait to see him ♥ !

btw, visit my sister's blog here!

1 comment:

Mina said...

Built in webcam! That's awesome, and those pictures are so cute!

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