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Wednesday, February 24

Better than yesterday

school was bad again,
the last teacher ruined my day once more
she says she is kicking me out of her class
just because my assignment will be one day late
its not fair!!
i have a legitimate reason
but i think that teacher is a
[lady - puppy]

when i got home from school things were better
nick called me while i was on the bus and him and Zac came to get me
then Zac's new girlfriend and her friend
then we went to Soccer City
i sat with the girls while the boys fooled around
it was awkward with the girls...
they knew eachother but i didnt know them
and i had nothing to talk about (._. )'
aye ya...
eventually they started talking to me
and they asked me things about me and nick
like how long we have been together
and how we met
they were like "aww thats so cute"
i agreed :) lol
Zach had a game so we watched that too
nick was down sitting by the girls but came up to sit by me later
while we were sitting up there and just messing around
his attacked me and licked my face
so i was covered in drool XD XD XD
it was hilarious!!
and no one else saw it
they missed out!! :P
after the game we went to Pablo's house
we watched Gabriel Iglesias
who is hilarous XD XD
(i'll add a video to this post later if i can)
Nick and Pablo played SKATE
(which is like horse but instead of basketball its skateboarding)
Nick won...of course :P
but it was freezing
the girls sat in Zac's car but i was outside watching
i dont think they were really paying attention
i also dont think they really like me :/
i have seen Nick drive for the first time tonight
everyone was scared but me lol
it was night time and nick couldnt see
he also was wearing no glasses
but i trust him
he drives well, he just couldnt see
he said he'll bring his glasses next time :)
i sang my grandma happy birthday when he dropped me off
stayed in my room after that haha
today was half bad and half okay :)
better than yesterday

Happy Birthday to:
Amanda & Grandma

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