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Monday, February 22

i have changed...

something that alot of people say about me is that
i have never changed
there are people who met me a long time ago
who said im the same as i used to be when they met me
i know im not much different but i have changed
but only in the past few months
i didnt notice until Nicko told me yesterday.

when Nick met me, i was sad,
yes, i had just gotten dumped by a boyfriend
but even so i wasnt really a "happy" person
i looked more on the negative side of things
because that was all i could see
but Nick changed that
he tried his hardest to make me happy
even just the first time we ever hung out together
and from that day forward
now i have a more positive outlook on life
because i can see positive things

i always thought i would end up alone,
i thought marriage was a joke and never wanted children
now i want to get married and have children

i didnt care about school or grades and just wanted to drop out
now i have all A's and i get excited about getting good grades
and anxious to go to college

i used to give up on things easily and sulk about it
now i am determined and fight to keep myself from it

i used to be so shy that i would barely talk to anyone new
now Nick introduces me to his friends and takes me to dances and parties
and i actually talk to people and laugh loud

i used to not feel comfortable around people
but now i dont mind anyone

i thought all hope was gone
but now all i do is hope

everyone says you shouldnt let people change you
and to only stay true to yourself.

but if i hadnt let him change me where would i be now?
i could be in a mental hospital,
i could be trapped in my mind,
i could be lost..
i could even be dead

when people say to not let anyone change you
i think they forget that there is good changes too

i am still me, but i have changed
what changed?
 the difference about me,
is that i am

i became happy by letting my life fall into the hands of someone who loves me,
and now look at me:
i am happy
i am positive
i am hopeful
i am less shy
i am determined
thank you so much Nicko
you are the best friend and boyfriend anyone could ever ask for
you mean the world to me and i love you with all of my heart
thank you for making me the happy person i am now,
i owe you so much...♥

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