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Tuesday, February 23

Today was just not good...

it all started during the night
6 B A D D R E A M S
all in a row
i wont talk about them
because i dont want them to happen
i woke up feeling like they really did
and had to refresh my memory
they seemed so real...
my mom yelled at me when i got up
talking some kind of non-sense
then my sister was angry because i got to the bathroom before she did
i almost missed the bus when i left
because i couldnt find my house key
somebody in the house moved it
(its still not found)
when i got to school i wasnt in much of a good mood,
but i was trying to keep myself up
i went to art class hoping that would cheer me up
but i messed up on my project..
i was behind on binding my book because i made the fold the wrong way...
and my black and white logo drawing was off...
i made the head too wide but everything else looked really good
...but just that one detail made me hate it
in math class we did nothing,
we went to a black heritage assembly put on by some students
they were all really good,
there was singing, a little dancing,
stepping and instuments
but the people around me were talking and i couldnt much hear it
in 3rd block is my online class
i forgot my headphones so no music...
then i failed my quiz...
more than once
i cant go on to the next lesson without passing it
i got really frustrated at lunch i got kicked off my lunch table...
now i sit either alone or with whoever else decides to sit by me
which TOTALLY made my day...not really
in fourth block my teacher called me a bad influence
the girl on the computer next to me was playing games
instead of writing her poem
and she blamed it on me!!
i was already done with my work!
i was not happy at all...
when my mom came home later in the evening
that didnt help at all either

just a bad day today...

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