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Sunday, February 21

good sunday

So, to my surprise, Nicko asks me if he can come to church with me
i said yes of course,
a little later he changed his mind...

then this morning he said he wanted to go again
so we picked him up and he came with us
he wrote on my hand :) <3

first there was sunday school, same old same old. nothing great
then there was the service, which i was excited about
then i could show off my skills on the sound board ^_^
of course the first thing i do is mess up...
the choir was up to high and there was lots of feedback and the mics were wrong..
but it got better :)
we started pixelling during the sermon out of boredom since i wasnt doing anything
afterwards we went to lunch for my uncles birthday at TGI Friday's
i got a quesadilla & he got cheese sticks ^_^
good stuff right there!!
we went to my grandma's and hung out for a while before we went back to church for play practice
then i got to show off again
but this time with my light ^_^
we went up to the youth room for food and a game and then we got to chill for a while
i broke down though...
a friend [i guess] of mine were making up i guess
then i remembered why i wasnt talking to her in the first place...
i didnt know what to do so i ended up crying
which i really reeeally didnt want to do
Nicko sat next to me and started talking to me 
reassuring me that everything was fine and trying to get me to be happy again
he got a smile out of me :)
sometimes i feel like i'm so naive..
i felt helpless and confused
and i felt like a baby..
and even at my worst moments he is still there for me
i love him so much
i couldnt ask for a better best friend or boyfriend
and he is both of those to me

Nicko said his favorite part was watching me
because im usually watching him do things but he doesnt watch me much
i thought i would bore him but i guess not :)
and everyone seems to like him
and us as a couple :)
that makes me happy ♥

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