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Sunday, March 14

lookin like a hobo on a sunday afternoon.

i got lazy with my hair.

today was just a Sunday, but a few good things happen
all having to do with the same subject:
after church, we went to kroger.
my mom went in to get a few things, then, to my surprise
she tells everyone to get out of the car.
in my head i was just like
she got into the passenger seat,
my sister got in the back seat,
and she told me to sit in the front...
i got to drive all the way home :)
and i am proud to say i didnt hit anything

man, those strawberries were fresh!!
i went to church again then i came home.
i ate a three way then had some amazing strawberries :)
i called my dad.
we talked about normal things,
like school and chores, and just life in general
he told me about how excited he is about his new girlfriend and that they went on a date yesterday to a lake
she's a cosmetologist & has an 8 year old son
she hasnt even met us and already wants to mess with our hair!! XD
he really seems to like her alot :)

then he started talking about my driving
he said if i get my permit now, then i can get driving school when i go to Texas
on the army base...for free!!
driving school usually costs about 600 $, so this is great!!
i would have to wait until the summer to go, but still!

i'm really excited about driving now :)
and i like to drive :D
i need to study for my permit test >.<

the only thing about today that i am not fond of
is that my Nicko baby is grounded and i miss him :(
i havent got to talk to him much all day :(
i wish i could call him and tell him all about today

another bad thing...
i am for sure not able to go to that HIM concert now :(
there is no one to cover my light for me
my sister wont do it
i've been waiting so long to see this band
and my grades are up, i've stayed out of all trouble
i have earned to be able to go!!
but i cant because i have to do this easter play :(
sometimes i really hate church so much

latest edits:
my pretty boy nicko :)
my lovely friend Rose :D
...me lol ewww

last night
ugh, i feel like a total b-word now.
i had my status i put yesterday morning about this girl i didnt like because she put my boyfriend in a bad mood...i didnt say a name but i did say that i didnt even know her
my friend thought it was about her :/
i went to sleep a little early then i wake up around 1 am,
i had 3 texts, 
1 from Nick saying "Love you"
1 from my mom saying "u 4got 2 put out the trash"
1 from another friend of mine who is friends with the girl who thought i was talking about her asking if it was about her,
i was sooo confused!! that was definately not what i wanted to wake up to :/
apparently what i said made her really mad and it wasnt towards her at all...
i asked her why and she said it was cuz she thought i didnt like her,
not too far into the conversation she just says she's going to sleep and she's glad its cleared up
(understandable i mean it was like 3 am lol)
now i feel horrible cuz it wasnt towards her at all :[

now what i'm really confused about
is why i was told i shouldnt feel bad..

i feel like total crap about it :(

1 comment:

Mina said...

You're hair looks really cute! Curly! ^_^ Driving school does cost a lot! Awesome you get to go for free! Your friend rose is pretty too! :)

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