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Saturday, March 20

"why do you break?"

i went to a break dancing show last night and got to meet legendary b-boy Ken Swift
i found out he used to write grafiti back in the day and got to talk to him a little
it was a show, like a tribute to honor him by his dancers. it was pretty cool
my favorite part was the kung-fu scene, never saw anything like it

today, i went to a break dance battle
crews from all over the country came
there was a b-boy named Glass, Xioalin Funk Clan, Xioalin Funk Crew, Kawaii, Matt squared and a few more crews
the crew that won was Matt Squared, from Puerto Rico
showin some Boricua pride :)
they werent my favorite, but they were still good
i really thought that Glass or Xioalin Funk Crew was gonna win
i took some video's which i'll post as soon as i can :)

1 comment:

Mina said...

That's awesome! I love your outfit!

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