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Tuesday, March 16

ugh... okotte imasu...

 so, i officially hate church.
today i found out the days of spring break, and my dad asked me if i could come down to see him for spring break...the only problem is that i cant go. i have to do the lights for our church play.
this play has also been taking up my sundays,
and preventing me from seeing my all-time favorite band live
also about 2 hours ago, a childhood friend of mine was sent to the hospital with bleeding near his spleen
i havent seen him since i was 10, but i really hope he's alright :/
i guess you could say i'm becoming angry at the world..
i feel so lonely here, stuck at home by myself everyday with nothing to do,
i cant stay in my house anymore.
i dont care if i just walk around by myself all day, but i just cant be home anymore
im starting to feel trapped in here...and i really hate it more than ever now
testing the past 2 days have been good though,
my advisor is so confident that i will pass,
that she's going to give me a reward ifwhen i do
and i am still drawing on myself -_-'

things will get better soon

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