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Tuesday, June 22

coontail tutorial :)

my boyfriend suggested coontails the other day, 
i wasnt really all for it at first but he was...
so he did it for me with black hairspray so i could see what it looked like 
and it looked really good! so i said i'd do it :)
i looked up for some tutorials online on how to do them but i could only find ones who dyed extentions...
i dont have extentions nor do i want them so i just followed what they did on my own hair and decided to do my own tutorial :D so here it goes :)

here's what you need:
a brush (i used an old paint brush)
hair dye

*you dont have to use the brand i did, but that hair dye only costed me $3.99 which is the most inexpensive hair dye i've ever bought, and it works like a dream :)
**and obviously you can do them any color not just black

first thing you need to do is tape the parts of your hair that you dont want to get dye on them and try to spage them out as evenly as you can (unless you're doing different sizes on purpose...)
next, you mix the dye according to the directions that came with it then paint it on with the paint brush on both sides of the hair you taped (front and back) and do it from bottom to top
then you just wait :)
for my hair since its bleached i had to wait 45 minutes :|
just wait as long as the directions say to
then you rinse out the dye in order from bottom to top so all the color is even and so everything doesnt really run together and take the tape off as you go (if the water doesnt make it fall off for you lol)
then there's your result!! coontails :D
worked perfectly for me :)
try it if you want!
thanks for the idea Nicko :) i love you!!
nick is my boyfriend/personal stylist haha

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