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Monday, June 21

pigtails, numbers and names ♥

like my pigtails :D nick's idea...of course :)
and i'm gonna do coontails on one side tonight too
wish me luck!!
okay...now for the title of this thing:
pigtails, numbers and names....

throughout the years...there has been a reocurring pattern with number's and names for me.
its going to be difficult to explain this but i wanna get it all out
this has to do with 
my lucky numbers:
5, 8, 15
my unlucky numbers:
3, 4, 18
my favorite numbers:
2, 6, 7, 16

one of the reasons i feel like me and nick are supposed to be together is his name... i met him as "Nicko" which is 5 letters and has 2 of my favorite letters "K" and "O"
The name i met him by and his middle name, Scott, are both 5 letters long and both are my favorite names and his last name is 8 letters long, my other lucky number.
my last ex's all had names that were 4 letters long, and his last ex was 3 letters
add those 2 numbers together and you get 7, which is both of our favorite numbers
my first name and last name our both 7 letters
when i was 4 is when everything bad stuff started happening, my family split
4 years later, we moved and i didnt know anyone
4 years after that, i switched schools and hated it
4 years after that i got my heart broken, but at 16 i met nick :)
and he was 15, one of my lucky numbers
and 15 days after the first day we hung out is when we started dating, June 30th

maybe i'm just wierd, but i dont think they're just coincidences :)

1 comment:

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

You look cute with pigtails~~ ♥

Berry I miss you!! o(*^ ^*)o

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