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Thursday, March 24

ohayogozaimasu ~ ♥

i'm feeling good today :) not much sleep, but fine
and i want to try this adorable recipe for panda bread!
click the link for the recipe posted by a really sweet blogger :)
i've also concluded that i must ride this plane one day ~
All Nippon Airlines' Pokemon airplane (Courtesy of flightaware.com)
super kawaii > ώ <
i want to have cinnamon rolls tonight
and soon i plan on making my own onigiri ^^~~
i might make something baked soon too :)
i've been in a cooking mood lately,
i usually cook when i'm either really bored or really happy
right now, i am  happy   so i want to make things ^ _ ^
i have 10 dollars before my 100$ left,
so might buy baking supplies and make something nice :)
i love my scotty <3
this morning he asked me to remind him to take a form to school
little does he know that those little reminders make me feel very special and important :3 i like to feel that way ^^
i have many songs stuck in my head right now >_<
A Perfect Mess by From First to Last, The Siren's Song by Parkway Drive and With Eyes Wide Shut by blessthefall
i listen to alot more music lately because i've been reading and it helps
i have to go to the bathroom >_<
i may blog later :)

p.s. also news soon about my special june coming up :) i will surely enjoy <3 i cant wait to tell you all about it!

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