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Tuesday, March 22


uhh not really sure what to blog about...
i went to dance yesterday and got to be in 2 videos...
but i messed up in 2 of them and got lost ._.
e m b a r r a s s i n g
and you all know how easily embarrassed i am~
and the videos are going on fb T -T ahh

lately i have been reading lots of posts on cracked and life's little mysteries
they are my favorite sites now i think (besides blogger)
and my new (possibly) favorite band is Parkway Drive
wierd to have a new favorite band for the first time in like 8 years..

right now i'm going to listen to music and finish that book i'm reading
i started writing a couple of songs but idk if i'll post them or not..
i'm just not in the best mood i guess.. i dont wanna talk about it :(
i wore a dress over my polo today with shorts and leggings underneath
it goes past my knees anyways but its a good habit to wear things under it
i've been doing that since i was little and find it more comfortable anyway
i dont really like a breeze xD

sorry for the awkward post...
maybe a new better one when i'm feeling better



nick said...

i love you babygirl you look beautiful muah..i dont know whats making you upset but dont let it bother you

PhuuckYuhh said...

^^ He's right.
Don't let it bother you :] Live life to the fullest ! Remember that :3

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