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Wednesday, March 23


[[old picture from new years]]
still unsure of what to blog about...i need a topic or something :| mehh..
listening to music and just finished my project
have to do an online book review =.=
just annoyed with many things right now really and extemely hungry and want breakfast-food badly...i bought a big tub of cookie dough so i cant wait for that to come in ^^ but then i bought breakfast so i'm mad at myself :( all i know is that i refuse to spend my 100$ till i go to a shopping center. and i get 40$ when i cash my check so that's good too...i think i'll open a bank account with that money so i dont spend it so much. because i am afraid of cards even secured ones so it would be good xD

i found out there is another song that makes me cry. With Eyes Wide Shut by blessthefall. so sweet <3 that song is beautiful and though it sounds sad its so adorable. whatever girl he wrote that for probably cried her eyes out with happiness and attacked him with love <33 so yah, not sad tears :) happy tears for whoever that girl is :))

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