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Thursday, April 21


ohayogozaimasuuuu ⋂_⋂ /  
how is every one of you lovelies today ~ ?
its a bit chilly today ~ so i'm cold >.<

news update: i am now the editor for the comic Puri Puri Majo by my bestie RabbitoBonBon! :D

i wanted to introduce to you all...
arent they kawaii??
i had a purple vanilla one and Labby had a chocolate one
mine was funfetti in the inside and Labby's was red velvet
they were amazing!
we are going to scrounge for money and mooch so we can get more xD
they are 1$ each >.< i was so mad
the day before, they told us 75 cents then randomly change it >:/
i was super duper mad!
then my friend Erica made this in her foods class
(she always brings it to history class  to share with me xD)
chocolate covered vanilla cookies, orange slices, and chicken, vegetable and cheese pockets
she made them herself :)
it was a contest where she was given a bunch of stuff and had to combine it
she didnt win, but she should have!
those pockets were to die for! she's giving me the recipe :)

thats all for now, loves!
i am doing a doodle for an add for Rabbito-chan's comic
hopefully will finish today :)

remember to join moshimoshilove!
ttyl ♥


huy tran said...

lolol. "Ohayogozaimasu" actually means "Good morning" :) yr12 Jap was fun.

and cool~ hope to see heaps of comics from you guys soon! ^^

konayachi-nyan said...

Huaiii~~ I want to bite that Cakepops! XD

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