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Wednesday, April 20


its a japanese phone greeting :)
speaking of the phrase...i made a small social site called MoshiMoshiLove!
it's of course FREE and i made it so all of my blogger friends can talk and connect with eachother ^_^
please sign up :D it would make me very happy :))
anywayz, nicko's spring break has started today~~
last night there was a huge storm...TORNADO SIRENS WENT OFF!
and i am deathly afraid of storms!!!
and nick hasnt texted me, so i'm getting worried :(
i hope he didn't die :(
i know i sound ridiculous but he was joking that it would be our last phone convo last night and that the storm will make him die and i was like D= NUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!
maybe he has just woke up late :( ugh im  worried :[
please remember to join my site people :D
i'm working for a badge/button for it for an ad
it'll be fun when we get it going ^_^
games, contests, chats, forums, and more
you can add a picture to your profile, make groups, upload mp3's and IM & Message other members :D please check it out ^_^ i'll be watching <3


☆(´O`)RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

I just joined your Moshi Moshi Love!(^O^)

btd. said...

Thanks for letting me join your site, I love it already. :) There was tornado warnings here too. 0_o

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