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Monday, April 18

should i go brown?

 yesterday was such a boooring day and sooo long -__- blehh
i guess you could say, that i went on a date with myself yesterday. me and nick were supposed to meet up but of course as always his parents make other plans + a misunderstanding of the time and blah blah blah yah basically he didn't get to come :(
this is what i ate
 loaded fries  (queso, sour cream, onions, peppers, chili, beef, tomato) yum!
queso dip = love
the food was all so good :) and they actually offered me a job,
i said i'd apply so i filled it out right there, shook hands with the manager and the waitress so they'll remember me :) now i just gotta call to see if they've looked yet. this might be my chance, they say people quit hosting all the time :) and if i keep the job long enough i can do waitressing instead, you have to be 19 to serve alcohol/liquor here and i'm 18. wish me luck :D
yesterday i was also feeling very bored when i got home,
and i started listening to nsync...
yes, boy band from my childhood xD 
and i decided to experiment with my dancing...
i only uploaded it so i can remember it, because i want to make up a clear cut version that is actually choreographed
i look super serious in these vids because i'm used to dancing infront of big studio mirrors but all i got is a webcam xD
i need to work on arm movements >.<
attempt 2
just as bad xDDD
don't hate please and dont make fun of me!
at least i had the courage to embarrass myself like this hahaha
today this is how my hair looks
side ponytail and a heart clipped in my hair :)
alot of people ask me where i get the heart, really it's just a heart cut out of cardstock, thick paper and i have one made of construction paper too, then painted with nail polish for more sturdyness :) the other side is colored pink by crayola marker, same heart i wore in my hair on valentines day:
i like my paper heart :) going to make stars and skulls ^_^ it'll be kawaii :D
and speaking of hair, i'm thinking of dying my hair back to brown...
this is what it might look like:
what do you think? please comment ^_^
and how do you like the new layout?
i think it is quite sunny :D at least the banner...lol
i feel like adding things still >.<
i'm trying not to make my page too busy though, dont wanna crash everyone's PC xD

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