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Tuesday, April 19


hi everyone :D
this morning is a rainy morning ~~
super bored and stuff  but i just wanna go home >.<
senior superlatives is tomaro >.<
maybe i can graduate even earlyer...i dont wanna wait till december, maybe if i do summerschool i can leave before the schoolyear...
i have to do a project for senior english
turns out its just a life-story version of the book i'm making for nicko
but i dont wanna do it >.<
it will make me depressed :/ all the stuff you gotta put in it and all the stories you have to remember and write...i have to try and find happy ones
i like making my love notebook because i actually want to,
but now that there is a project that i HAVE to do...i dont want to :/
there's a freshman page, middle school page, crush page, preschool page, childhood page, music page, who i am page...just really dont wanna do it :/ blehh
i have to work on it next bell...2 pages due friday and i need to print out pics
usin up all my damn printer ink >.< moo!

blehh -.- well ttyl..

1 comment:

huy tran said...

work on it, Aeri! try listing all the happy times you guys had together, before you forget them. (:

p.s; i hope your background doesn't give me seizures. LOL. i kid. ^^

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