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Wednesday, May 18

about to be on my way...

random want: this bungalow bag! its covered in baby sea otters :) they remind me of my nicko <3
well ppl i'm about to be out, i'll be on my way to WI in the next few minutes. am i excited? not exactly >.< i'm cramping badly right now, not ready for half a day on the road. and i'm really really hungry D: not helping the situation!
number one reason i dont wanna go is i'm gonna miss nicko so much :( even though he's grounded i still like to feel near him...whenever i leave the state he gets  really sick. even when we had only knew eachother for 2 weeks and i went to new york for 2 weeks, he got sick then too :( and i have a crap ton of homework to do while i'm gone, but i will find a way to still blog :) i'll be on the road for a while, so i'll try to still post and what-not...i'll post at the next gas station i think ;D i'll try to ^_^
i miss nicko's cutie face <3 still kinda freakin out about him with straight hair xD it made his face really young looking i just realized o_o but so cute ^_^i think its funny that the only reason he looks so much older than he is , is because of his body shape...which is quite sexy must i say xD he has really nice shoulders :) yummy <33 thats why i like when he wears beaters ^_^ heee and tight shirts <3
i miss him alot, i wish he could have come with me :( it would have been like a replacement for not going to prom :( i'm kinda sad about not going lol of course i wasnt sad until everyone at school was talking about it and bragging about thier dresses and showing me pictures ...i was like noooo stopppp T-T ahhh
here is my vLog from last night:
and i wanna learn this dance...the song is stuck in my head xD
i love all of thier choreography
they're so good ^_^

well people, i'll probably be tweeting throughout the day so follow me on twitter :3
@AeriEsperanza, i almost always reply to tweets :D unless i forget >.<
and if you wanna talk while i'm up there, i have 
skype (kitty.quinones) 
and msn :) (yrrebsa@live.com) 

i love you all ^_^ wish me a safe trip!!

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