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Tuesday, May 17


i've been wanting one for EVER. i have had 1, a lip ring in the summer before 9th grade, but my mom made me take it out so thats gone :( i still have a little dent there lol its like a dimple

i tried to pierce my nose once, but i couldnt get it through lol hurt like a b-word. i used a needle that was too small lol

i wanna get a piercing but i dont know if i should or not...
i always wanted snake bites, but since my mom made me take out my lip ring, i never got to do the other side.
i just remembered that i've pierced my lip about 3 times lol the first time it was after i got a cavity filling at the dentist and my lip was numb and my friend had come with me, so we went back to her house and i said i would pierce my lip and she didnt believe it lol so i did it and my mom didnt notice until we had gotten home and made me take it out and it closed before i could put the stud back in. sad face :(
i wanted a septum or a nose ring on the side, most likely side...because a septum ring would only make my nose look better. nose piercings hurt >.< my nose was too thick to do it myself. 
if anything i'd probably get my lip ring back easiest...just cuz i had it before, so it would be easier to get used to. but i always thought i would look so cute with snake bites >.<

i probably wont get anything at all lol
but i want one :( lol


P o o p e r said...

I think a septum ring and or snake bites would look awesome one you! c: Hopefully when you move out you can do it. ;A; I'm like 20 years old, still living with the parents, and they said they will disown/ kick me out if I ever came home with any lip piercings.

I'VE BEEN WANTING A MONROE SINCE FOREVER. DDDD: But I'm sort of hoping for a miracle to happen. lol

Maybe you could pierce it in secret and buy one of those invisible studs ... A friend of mines had an invisible stud because of her job. :3 Or you could wear a small bandage over it and tell your mom that underneath it lies a disgusting zit. xD;
I can't try these cause my mom's too much of a suspicious mofo.

Lina Kim ♥ said...

your mom must be a typical of good mom that I want~ haha..my mom let me do things that I want, as long as I can behave myself. I'm sure that piercings is not kind of bad things =D

Kristina said...

Hi :) Nice blog you got there, I was wonderin if we could be friends and follow each others blogs? ^__^ Thank youuuu.~

Kristina said...

Thank you. I'm following you know. Btw, may I ask? Where do you live? :D

October Horizon said...

haha funny.
I peirced my lip again (so now i have spider bites) and i never told my parents but i dont really give a crap if they see, im gone in a month and a half anyways haha.

but anyways.
im doing a peircing apprenticship so it totally bums me out that i dont know you at all ahaha. because i do all my friends piercings and such and i would totally do it professionally for you with no cost.

I wouldnt recommend you doing it yourself. infections are no fun. trust me.

but yea. thats all i have to say :P

Mina said...

I've been wanting a hip piercing for the longest!

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