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Monday, May 16

great weekend ^_^ & revenge is bad! [[+vlog]]

morning everyone! ended up having a free-ish bell :)
so friday and thursday were both super fun days :D
i was happy with the outcome
i hung out with nick and all his friends, they're funny lol
there was some drama though, but not with us
with his friend and his gf, she was going to prom with another guy >.<
ugh that made me so mad!
skeppest thing she could possibly do, after all the times he hurt her (which i dont know if she was actually hurt now that she did that). doing that is like cancelling out all you "pain" because now you're the one causing it. if she wanted us to take her seriously then she shouldn't have acted out like that, which she did admit later that she was infact trying to make him jealous.
some times i really think people should come to me for advice more, then they wouldnt fuck themselves by causing stupid problems...-_-
one thing i think everyone needs to remember about relationships (of any kind) is that revenge is never the way to go. if you're having a problem in your relationship or you're hurt, the last thing you need to be doing is getting back at that person. whenever you feel like you should seek revenge, think about the consequences first. then think about how much they mean to you and do you really want to ruin it? so replace the feeling. instead of getting revenge, forgive them and fix the problem. it might not work right away but the best relationships are the ones that grow.
me and nick did have sme bumps in the road before, but everyone does. yeah we disagree sometimes but we never really fight and we've been together for nearly two years. everything is great and we're in love like we always have been and it always is getting stronger.
i know that people say "love shouldnt be painful" and it isnt. love isnt painful, but relationships can be. just like any kind of relationship. a family can be painful, friends can hurt you, a boyfriend and even a husband can hurt you, but love isnt the painful part. love is the part that holds everything together and makes things work, its the rope that pulls you out of the water when you're drowning and saves you from despair. sometimes people dont realize that.
getting through hard times strengthens the bond between you and your significant other. should there be hard times? not necessarrily, but there will be because we are all human. but you gotta remember that your partner is your best friend too, and you dont want to lose that.
so everyone remember my advice ;)
and also remember that after you forgive them for hurting you, they should still make up for hurting you.

me and nick were talking about that last night. he said that if he ever left me, that he'd want me to make him feel as guilty as possible. i asked him why and he said because he knows that if he left me he'd want to be reminded of how big of a mistake he'd made. and of course, i'd take him back. i said that i'd want him to make up for hurting me like that though (after i take him back) and he understands. one of the many reasons he is not like other guys :) he's too cute too <3

well i miss him lots ^^

also, i have to go to wisconsin for half the week T-T
of course i will be taking my laptop with me :) i will most likely be bored alot of the time, so add me on msn (yrrebsa@live.com) or follow me on twitter (@AeriEsperanza) if you wanna talk, or of course tag me on here or leave comments :D i'll have a long post about the wedding probably on monday. thursday morning is a family breakfast, that's why i'm leaving on wednesday. i've already got my makeup for it and nailpolish to match my shoes and stuff :) even bejeweled guages~~! they look nice :)

and if anyone has a collectoons account, let me know. cuz this sunday they are releasing dbz cToons and nicko wants to collect them all! so if you can help me out, search on my blog "collectoons" and i have a post with my referral link, so click it and join :) then message me (username: xoaeribaby) or nick (username: nicktine17) and if you buy any dragonball z cToons on sunday, let one of us know so we can trade :) and even after this sunday, we'll still trade with you ;D cuz we're cool pplz :) you know how we do :P

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