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Monday, May 9

blah blah blah

おはようございます~! 退屈だ~~ nothing much to do today, just school...boringggg >.< i already wanna go home. and i am doing homework in my free bell at the moment because i lost my notebook when i was cleaning my room last night >.< wanna know why i cleaned it? nicko got me a new desk! it is my first gift from my future grandma-in-law :) it's a pretty wooden desk and fits perfect in my room~~ it has  drawers and i already sorted them. now the rest of my room is getting cleaner...new furniture is always motivation :) but hopefully i will have a job soon so i can move out...i am annoyed with my family >.< maybe if i like my room more then i wont be so hasty. i am still upset about all of my artwork but im just gonna ignore it and act like i never liked art in the first place. i'm scared that if i keep liking art that it will only let me down in the end. and i am tired of being let down..
i miss nicko :( he was over for a little bit yesterday to bring in my desk from the truck to my room. i thought he would be proud that i was cleaning my room but he said it still looked a mess >.< i havent seen my floor in like 2 years what do you mean! :( i think it looks better...its not like i'm done yet xD i'm trying to start organizing and stuff or whatever...
all i can think about right now is how bad i have to pee :( i had a blog topic a minute ago but i have the sudden urge to go to the bathroom >.< and the teacher wont let anyone go D: wahhh save me! someone fly me to thier house and let me use thier potty :[ i dont wanna wait 20 minutes till next block ahh D:

and does anyone know how to lose fat on your arms without getting too much muscle? my arms are getting a little thicker at the top and it is starting to bug me D: even though i dont think anyone has noticed but me (now everyones gonna be looking -_-) i dont care about my legs or my butt or tummy , those are fine...i just want my arms to be thin. i always thought skinny arms were prettyer. if you have any advice just let me know ^^

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