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Tuesday, May 10

i miss this day ♥

a million different songs come to mind when i think of that summer. i miss it <3 i still dream about it sometimes and i always write about it. because it was the best summer i ever had :)

"we are so young, our lives had just begun, but already we are considering, escape from, this world" -HIM

"i wanna fall in love, with you. this world is only gonna break your heart" -HIM

 "your voice was the soundtrack of my summer, i dont wanna ever love another, you'll always be my thunder" -boyslikegirls

"i feel like a hero, and your my heroine" - boyslikegirls

"so kiss me like you did, my heart stopped beating, such a softer sin" -the used

"i'm melting in your eyes, i lost my place, could stay a while...and i'm melting in your eyes, like my first time, that i caught fire...just stay with me lay with me now" <3

some of our beautiful memories <3


❤ Moon ❤ said...

So cute ah! I love you put more pictures in your post, hehehe :D

And god please, we're not that pretty! We cheat XD! Hahahaha

P o o p e r said...

This such a nice, and cute post! Girl, keep those memories with you for as long as possible. It kind of makes me wish there was like a floating camera that is meant to record all the sweet and memorable moments!

I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to your portfolio ... D': It's really messed up! Though, don't lose motivation for your art career! I don't know how these things work but were you going to go to an art school? I really hope things improve for your art career. :c

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