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Tuesday, May 10

i wish i could sleep aaaaaall day.

i'm sorry i forgot to blog about my desk >.< i took some pics of it but i forgot my memory card at home :( i know, i am early to school...but it is because i ride the bus. school starts at 7:40AM but i get here at 6:50AM Dx blehh! i hate it lol everyone else is waking up at the time i am already on the bus >.<+ ughh.. 

a n y w a y z , 

NICKO BABY! good luck on your tests! i know you think today is going to be horrible and that you're going to have a bad day, but i'll make up for it baby and i'll do my best to cheer you up! i love you more than anything hunnybunny! you're adorable and sweet just please start trying harder! there's not too much time left for school.. even though i know you don't want to, you should use the time you have after school since you don't go home yet and try to do some extra credit. i' sorry i kinda scolded you this morning :( you have  2  parents i know you dont want another...i try not to bother you but i do want you to pass, i try to leave you alone about it though... just try really hard to do good :( i dont wanna see any mean upset posts today! try to think about happy things and blog about those, don't make the day any more bad than it is already. you're always here for me, i'm here for you too remember :) you're my best friend :) <3

it is early release day tomaro and i forgot >.< now i gotta find a ride home and get my key >.< unless the bus is coming...then maybe i can get myself a coffee or something and chill and watch some anime when i get home. and surprisingly maybe clean some more o_o i have been in a cleaning mood ever since nicko got me my desk. it just makes me wanna make my room look cute ^_^

and me and nick are gonna get motorcycles :3  i am super excited about that!! he wants a streetbike, a ninja 6r i think? and i want a oldschool bike :) i'm more into the classics. here some that i like
yamaha v star 950
yamaha RZ 250 (1980 standard)
1960 harley-davidson panhead <333
smexy xD its so shiny!!
1969 Harley-Davidson XI <33333333
i love choppers ahh! <33

i love oldschool bikes. i just like the way they're made and sound. it's like there's nothing cooler to me than a classic bike. i mean you have to admit they look cool?! i like bikes with 1 headlight and dual exhaust also. and i cant help it for some reason, but i dont like electric spedometers on bikes. i dont know why. i think they're so cool in cars, but so wierd in bikes o_o idk. electric radio would be cool though ^^ i cant wait to be riding around with my boy :) it'll be so much fun ^^ not sure about letting our kids ride though...i wanna car for that (;

i think that is all for now,

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Aidyl said...

Love the pictures of you!! You look awesome!<<3

Gosh, it was the same for me when I was in school. I used to arrive about an hour early because of my train. It's so annoying. >__<

These motorcycles are so cool!
However, I'm even scared of riding a bicycle.. (let alone a car)...
so I could never ride one of these.
Traffic-o-phobia mucho. X___x

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