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Friday, May 13

yesterday = <3

hello my loves ~ ! i am in a very good mood :D yesterday i got to hang out with the one and only nicko! it was so much fun :D first great surprise what that when i was walking to his house he skated up to me when i was almost there, which made me sooo happy!! cuz i miss when he used to meet me back when we first started dating. it was sweet <3 i helped him with his homework and he got it done :) then we went outside and i got my board back :) his friend Larry was bothering me to ollie xD they say i'm the only girl they know that can actually skate (as in skateboard) so everytime i'm around he bugs me about it lol. i actual do get a little prideful about it when i think about it. xD his girlfriend was getting jealous though, which made me mad, because she can see us and he's not doing anything -_- then when i ollied she was like "i cant do that" *whine whine whine* ... *jealous jealous*... i just wanted to turn around and be like "i can teach you :D" xD that would have been pretty rude, but if she was gonna be snarky i should have been just as retarded back to her, but i decided not to, since i dont thinnk she knows i heard her say that. but i think larry noticed because he looked at me funny when i turned around for a second. oh well i dont give f@ck xD
afterwards we went to this mexican restaurant called La Pinata and it was amazing! it was such a sweet environment, all the chairs and stuff were handpainted and it really showed off the mexican culture in a nice way without overdoing it. i got this for dinner:
cheesey camaron
it was great! oh my gosh. cheese sauce on jumbo shrimp with mexican rice. then at the end, you can mix up the cheese with the rice and it is soooo amazing. i ate some of the leftovers for breakfast and it was great :) nicko got popcorn chicken. i wish we had gone by ourselves so i could have gotten a better picture xD i'm quite sure his parents would have given me looks if they saw i was doing a photoshoot with my dinner... i don't think nick minds though ^^ since he actually enjoys my blog :P

me and him are supposed to hang out today, hopefully to the mall!! like old times!! :D i hope something happens :) bye everyone! will end in yesterday's pointless vlog:


P o o p e r said...

That girl probably felt out of place since she couldn't skate and maybe wanted attention too. xD When people usually act sort of snarky I just think "Oh well, they'll live. They'll get over it."

I wish I could watch the video! but my interwebs is acting up. :\ lol

huy tran said...

i think you are "Hyper" too! LOLOL. nice vlog. yes yes, keep that smile up! :D

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