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Sunday, October 18

Check out this band - Heart of Eros :)

so it was Saturday morning, it wasnt the best day lol
i had just got home from my friend's house from sleeping over, it was about 10 in the am
i had just got out the shower and got dressed
i check the mail and look what i get....

a Heart of Eros CD!
a signed Heart of Eros CD!

from my awesome bassist buddy Manny Huerta!
i started talking to him on twitter and we became friends then i noticed his name,
i checked out his band a couple days before and recognized his name from the bio and was like
"OMG! you're the bassist from Heart of Eros!"
and he was like "yeah thats me!"
i was so excited because i really liked thier music
he got the whole band to sign the cd and sent it to me in the mail
it was so cool :D
it's a really good CD, if you don't know who they are,
its so worth it :)

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