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Saturday, October 17


(ignore this post i was just ranting cuz i was upset)
my boyfriend just said that he was with his ex-girlfriend at her job and that he loves her and he's sorry...
i know he's not sorry...
why did i even try...
how could i possibly think someone actually loved me?
how dumb am i?
i'm dumber than dumb.
how did i end up like this again?
i'm devistated
devistated over the one person who picked up the pieces
just to make me happy after the last time my heart was broken
i am one stupid girl.
he conviced me to take a chance
and i was scared
but i took it.
i was happy
i was in love
now im crushed over that same person
i was about to send him "happy sweetest day"
but i saw a new message so i looked...
this is what i made for him

i spent forever trying to make them perfect...
i wrote a long note to go with it and i was gonna sing him the song i wrote him
but i cant do that now...
that's the last time i take a chance like that
i always, always, always, get my f@#!ing heart ripped to shreds
and no one gives a shit about it
im just another girl...
i'll never be someone's one and only
i'll never be that person someone loves forever
i'll never have the perfect person for me
i'll just die alone
and hopefully soon
because i really am just sick of life
and i don't want it anymore

1 comment:

Mina said...

You know, that's exactly how I felt, bout no one loving me. But you will find someone. One day, I'm so sorry about this bad news.

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