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Wednesday, October 14


i really love coffee, i must say.
its just sooo good, i cant even begin to say lol
i like it with whipping cream the best but i almost always use milk or drink it black. haha that reminds me of a song i love by Mindless Self Indulgence "the bass, the rock, the mic, the treble; i like my coffee black just like my metal." ahh, that was my theme song for a second lol.
i don't drink it every day but i do drink it sometimes and yes, i make the best of it :) i like warm coffee better than iced coffee but it depends on my mood. i really really love Kahlua flavored coffee, its by my favorite coffee brand, Caffiend. it says it's coffee for junkies, haha. they really do have the best flavors, mocha, kahlua, carmel...carmel's what i made today, hehe. big burst of energy right there! i had a huge hyper strike! i ran around the house doing the caramelldansen (look it up on youtube if you dont know what it is) and i was singing it in Swedish...LOLZ then i sang along "teddy bear" by Smile.DK loud & obnoxiously, its a site i'm sure no one wanted to see.
but yeah, i love coffee.

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