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Monday, October 12

A good start to a bad weekend.

Thats a picture of me from Friday before going to a party with my boyfriend. It was at his friend's house (i would call him my friend too but i dont know if he'd want me to) and there was alot of people there or at least it was alot to me, haha. Probably because when i have parties, no one comes. But it was fun and im glad i went :)

the next day, was bad...it was my mom's Birthday and the day of my old friend Mary Jo's funeral so everyone was bummed..and that night was my Homecoming which i missed for the second year in a row :(

sunday wasn't as bad, my friend amber threw a second homecoming and i went to that...but i went alone. Not as many people came as planned but people did come. She threw it because her boyfriend couldnt go to our school's so she wanted to surprise him, which was the cutest thing ever. It was like a second chance for me to cuz i couldnt go either. When i got home, i was stuck locked out freezing for about 2 hours until my mom got home & i was sad...but o well

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mina said...

That was extra sweet what your friend did!

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