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Monday, October 12


i've got so much going on right now its so overwhelming...every two seconds i feel like i'm going to burst into tears and im always holding them back. alot of people keep asking me if i'm ok, i want to say does it look like i am? i get so tired of being asked that so i just say i'm fine. there are some people who are trying to make me happy but nothing is really helping...i wish it was and i thank them for their efforts, i really do appreciate it <3 it's just that sometimes there is almost nothing anyone can do...

i wish i could just go for a long walk in the night.
i wish i could just lay down and cuddle and watch movies wrapped in a warm blanket.
i wish i could just go get one of those caramel lattes from Panera and sit there and talk.
i wish i could just pour my heart out and cry on someone's shoulder.
i wish i could just have one day where i was just happy, at least for a few hours.
i wish i could just lay in the grass and stare at the stars one night.
i wish i could just get a good surprise for once...

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mina said...

Maybe you'd feel better if you talk it out with someone. You know someone you can just vent out on. If you need it, I'm here. Even if we don't each other well. I dislike seeing people down. rawr.dino09@yahoo.com

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