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Wednesday, October 7

So i dub thee unforgiven...

i guess i draw on myself alot.
(and that picture is unedited, how rare)
every day in credit recovery we get to listen to music and as you see by what's written on my wrist i was listening to "Unforgiven" by Metallica, one of my all time favorite bands...i was also listening to alot of Alice in Chains and Stone Temple Pilots.

it might be hard to read but the first verse of "Would?" by AiC is written on my hand.
i sat thier and listened to the music, totally forgot i was even doing work or supposed to me, i always get lost when thiers music.

some people, when they listen to music, just say "oh that song has a great beat!" or "HOLY [bleep] DID YOU HEAR THAT BREAKDOWN?!" or "that band's lead singer is hot...*sigh*"

when i listen to music, i'm mostly thinking about the lyrics. i'm always trying to find out the meanings, originations, and inspirations for them. When i listen, i can apply that song to my own life and find a totally new meaning. it might remind me of a dream or memory or maybe even a person; either way its so odd how you can do that.
BUT OF COURSE, i do think about the other stuff too. H.I.M.'s lead singer is the epidemy of beautiful, i love the drums in the song "wait and bleed" by Slipknot and yeah, breakdowns in any type of musical shape or form make me very happy :)

well, kinda...there's not much that makes me "happy" these days.

i guaged my left ear up to 4 :)

1 comment:

mina said...

Love Metallica too! Favorite song? Enter Sandman. Your pretty too!

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