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Friday, October 9

this game is so addicting for NO reason?!

yeah so, harvest moon...can't stop playin it. STILL. i dont really know whay it's so addicting, its a game about running a farm...A FARM! of course, it is evil to mess with someone's file, cuz this game takes a long time. im in my 4th year and my little person is married with a little kid :D im about to upgrade my house and buy some more land and im an awesome fisher with alot of friends :D i married Alex the doctor, haha. i awakened the harvest goddess after playing for like ever collecting music notes and what not, its an odd game, but its fun and keeps me from being bored...sometimes. my friend got all my chickens sick and they died and it was RIGHT after i got all the hearts and my chickens loved me >.< my sheep love me and one is pregnant, my cow is pregnant, my chickens laid eggs like it was thier job (cuz it was) my pig is fat, my dog is cute, my kid is ugly and my horse is fast :D i like mining cuz it gives you the most money but i hate how in the winter is the only time we can go to the good cave...its so lame for me to be blogging about this...im just gonna stop this here lol

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