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Sunday, October 4

writer's block.

i think i'm going stupid. i mean yea, i'm already pretty dumb but i think im stretchin to fully retarded. not only am i stuck on writing in my stories, but i cant even think of anything to blog about! all you have to do is think of a subject and type about it, and i cant even do that. i havent gotten a good shot lately so i havent posted much new photography, i've been expirimenting with new styles in my poetry but i dont know if i like it or not so i'm afraid to post it. i've been focused alot more on music lately and all ive realy been doing is playing guitar, piano, singing and writing lyrics...i'v been meaning to paint but i havent gotten to it, ive got an image in my head but for some reason my hands just arent working and i dont entirely understand it...
i'm gonna try and get my muse back,
but first i gotta find it *

1 comment:

mina said...

You try meditating. It always help me get on track! I'm sure you'll get over your writer's block. I have those too, quite annoying, but just keep your head high!

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