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Monday, November 16

happy happy happy!!

wanna know why im happy?
i'm happy because rabbito has twitter!!
and we chatted for the first time today! (^o^)
i found out we have an 11 hour time difference between us!
it was 7 something in the morning here but it was 8 something at night over there!
aye ya!!! thats a long way away!
but thats ok (^_^) (^-^) (^_^)
i was happy to talk to her
and she was happy to talk to me too! see ↓ ↓

that's from her twitter :D
as you can tell by the cute bunny background ♥

this is an old picture...but my wrist says

speaking of old pictures...i was looking through mine today! i used to be kinda pretty!! here's some of them:
click to make them bigger ^^^

well this is all for now ^^


Mina said...

Berry, I'm starting to hate you. First off, you didn't used to be pretty, you still are! Secondly, you are the cutest little person I have ever seen! (Including Rabbito! ^_^) Those pictures of you are super awesome and you edit them perfectly! So don't you ever say you used to be pretty! XD

Mina said...

Btw, why don't you ever smile in your pictures?

Berry Quiñones said...

aw thanks ♥
and i don't like my smile so i dont smile lol

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