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Wednesday, November 18

sometimes i don't understand teachers...

this is just me venting about teachers...
out of frustration...just sayin.......
(○-○) (o_o) (○-○)
—when a teacher goes to college to be a teacher, they should know what they're getting themselves into...i don't get why teachers get so angry when a student doesnt do their work, im sure they neglected thier own schoolwork as a student themselves before...and they still get paid.
—thats one of the differences between students and teachers, teachers chose to be a teacher while students are forced to go to school by law. there's alot of stress that comes with being a teacher because from my prespective it seems that when you sign up to be a teacher you are signing up to babysitting about 300 kids a day and trying to make them do what you say...you're basically trying to be a parent but you're being paid for it.
—teacher's shouldn't expect students to do exactly what they say. some teachers offend or ignore thier students and even if they dont realize it the student does and may not do thier work. and there are also students who just flat out lose thier work, but the teachers dont believe them.
—i give up on classes alot because alot of the time when i raise my hand, even if i raise it first or keep it up for a long time i wont get called on but they'll call on everyone else and thier dead hamsters before they call on me, but they'll look at me. I DONT UNDERSTAND THAT!
—this is what they signed up for, they should suck it up and get over it just like they're telling us to do. thats my opinion

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Mina said...

I really applaude you Berry. I agree with this whole post. I worked at a camp last summer and had to watch almost a hundred kids so I know it's aggravating to deal with watching over 300 kids. But that's what they wanted to do, and shouldn't take it out on students when they don't listen.

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