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Saturday, November 21

i put this on here for Mina
because she said i never smile in pictures
well although i did say why...
i smiled in this one from a few days ago

sometimes i sit here and wonder why i'm so awkward looking, but i never really figure it out Photobucketmaybe its because i'm so short or cuz im too skinny or something but still i cant help but ask "why me?!" Photobucket i guess everyone has thier good days and thier bad ones...

but this picture is one of my favorites ↓↓↓

i took it this summer
and the flower thing was Nicko's idea
i think im cute here....


Mina said...

You said why?! Oh I'm sorry! But you look gorgeous smiling!!! Love the flower picture too!!

Berry Quiñones said...

yea i commented back haha
i hate my smile, my teeth are spread so far apart >.<

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