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Sunday, January 31

about today,

(holy crap is that a smile?!)
in conclusion of today, 
♥ and i love him very much ♥

we're cute :) Me: i just got hit in the face with a door again :(
Nicko: Ahaha wow
Me: i tried to open the screen door for my grandma and the wind pushed the door back before i could close it & it smacked me and i fell in a bush :( haha im pitiful XD
Nicko: Hahahahahahahah wow my gf is awesome
Me: i hope your not being sarcastic XD omg XD
Nicko: hahah corse not babe
Me: even tho the wind pwns me and i  keep getting smacked with doors and fall up the stairs all the time, still think i'm awesome?? :D
Nicko: Yes babe lol
Me: hahaha XD i love you!!
Nicko: i love you too babe.

and i also think Gack is the japanese answer to Ville Valo
they're both incredible lyricists/poets!!
i just started listening to him again :)

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☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

kikiki~~ thx ne!! o(^-^)o

actually transparent bg is easy to make!! o(^-^)o

adobe photoshop >> new >> background:transparent!!


rebonding hair is like straighten de hair~~ o(*O*)o

every asian gals like to rebond their hair!! o(^O^)b

altho de newest trend is curly hair o(>w<)o

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