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Wednesday, February 3

impressive.. :)

today we did an excersize in drama where we have to keep a straight face while someone tries to make us laugh
the first girl who went up is the funniest girl in the class but is also in NJROTCso she did really good
no one could faze her,
but then whenever anyone else was up and she tried to make them laugh
they would laugh instantly
the teacher says "i think Asberry would be good at this"
i knew i would but i didnt really wanna go up there.
but of course...everyone wanted me to go up there.
after everyone was saying my name i went and sat on a stool.
we had to keep a straight face for 30 seconds.
and i kept a straight face :)

its funny, because i'm very easily amused
and she was hilarious
but my trick was to only laugh in my head
and it works wonders for me :)

everyone was impressed
and i won a cookie :D


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