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Monday, February 1

Paidream & Airvalo ♥

Paidream & Airvalo
Nicko and i decided that our kid's names will be that
Paidream would be our girl
Airvalo would be our boy
we made up these names to express our love for eachother
not even kidding :)
we were on the phone (still are actually :D)
he said he'd reached a new happiness level with me
higher than "glameep" 
(our word we made up this summer to describe our happiness because we were happier than happy)
he said "paid" and hung up then i came up with "dream"
he called me back and said it sounded like a good name
i agreed and we changed the spelling to "Paidream" and said that would be the girls name
so he said to think of a boys name too,
he said "air" i was thinking "light" but "airlight" didnt sound right...
i went to the translator for help but then stopped and remembered "valo" is Finnish for light
the name flowed beautifully and our boy will be "Airvalo"

our children, we agreed, would be a symbol of our love
it only makes sense for them to have names that have a special meaning to us
"Paidream & Airvalo" are our words to describe our happiness
how we're happier than we ever have been,
a level above our normal happier-than-happy

the beauty of our love
put into words

i could write a story behind these names
and there are different reasons i chose the words i chose

[dream] i've always been a girl who dreamed of love, being in love, loving someone else and someone loving me. something that seems to be always and only in dreams has become a reality. i found the man of my dreams. and all of my dreaming has paid off.

[valo] it is the last name of my favorite singer and an inspiring man that reminds me alot of my Love, Nicko, but it is also the Finnish word for light. Light is something i couldn't see when i met Nick, my eyes were full of tears and sadness and i was lost in the dark, but Nick was there to hold my hand and fall out of the darkness and into the light, filling the air with love, something i will be eternally greatful for.

when they arrive one day, and ask us what thier names mean
we can share our love story with them
and i'm sure they'll be happy to know they have a purpous
they will be happy to know that not only will we love them
but they were made out of love ♥

Latest Creation
another webcam photo
inspired by Venus Doom by HIM
i think the butterfly is a nice touch :)

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☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

our ICT presentation contest: 4 february 2010 [CONFIRMED]

wish me luck ya!! XDXD

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