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Tuesday, February 2

i find it odd...

i find it odd...
that he thinks im perfect..
you can even ask him yourself and he'll say it...

i was on the phone with him last night,
he called me to cheer me up because i was having a bit of a crisis in my mind,
he doesnt get why i dont like myself
and i told him why
"all i see in myself is flaws"

but he doesnt see that...
he told me to try and look at myself through his point of view

he started talking about this beautiful girl with countless talents,
who is nice to everyone and is never mean to him,
 is always patient and loyal and he loves the things she says,
she's always there for him and is always up for anything
he loves everything about this girl
and he was talking about me.

one of his friends actually asked him why we arent married yet.

"all of my friend's think you're perfect because they see you from my point of view"
"i'm going to treat you like a Princess because you are mine"
"i love you Asberry and i want to spend the rest of my life with you"

i cant believe he's saying these things about me...
i'm still not used to it and we've been together a long time

alot of people say i'm one of the saddest people they know...
i feel like i'm a burden to him yet i make him the happier than he's ever been
it seems impossible and i thought it was,
i never thought i could make someone so happy that we would need a new word for it
then get so much happier we would have to have another

yes, it is true, i have alot of sad times in my life
i have alot of sad memories and my general expression has been said to be "sad"
but being with Nick is the part of my life where i'm happy
and i'm not really a sad person
they say my expression is "sad"
i'm not sad, i just miss Nick
my general expression could be better described as "longing"

i am happy, and its because of him
i talk to him about everything whether its full on joking or really serious
and he always listens and talks to me the same
...because we are the same

we fit together like two puzzle pieces,
which makes him easy to cuddle with
he said it made him happy the first time we hugged because i just "fit"
and i agree.
i'm short and he is taller than me
but he's not too tall.
they way we fit together is like automatic romantic -
if i lay on him, my head is automatically on his chest or shoulder
if i look up and he looks down we can see straight into eachother's eyes with eyes
when we curl up and cuddle together our bodies fit together warmly
if we're sitting my head lays right on his shoulder
he can put his arm around me without my shoulder or waist being too high
we fit so perfectly ♥
we had to have been made for eachother

it makes me so proud to have him
to have love like this
no ones ever thought of me this way and it makes my heart flutter
i'm proud to have someone who truely appreciates me
and i can't say it enough

i love you Nick <3

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